Poor mission children and families need your support...

Poor mission children and families need your support...

It has been a difficult year in our missions, especially those in Zambia. Years of low rainfall and drought have devastated the crops, leading to a shortfall of 700,000 tons of the staple crop of corn.

Your gift of just a few dollars can make a life-or-death difference in the lives of children and families. As soon as your gift is received, I will send you a beautiful silver-tone rosary that I have personally blessed.

The centerpiece of the rosary depicts the Madonna and Child, demonstrating Her ever-lasting maternal love for us and reflecting our shared devotion to Our Heavenly Mother. I have also arranged for six Masses to be celebrated in your honor to bring hope and healing into your life, too.

With the Hunger Season coming soon to Zambia, poor mission families need IMMEDIATE help. Please send a gift today!

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